Architect Tom Wiscombe really lets loose with this space ship of a building in Los Angeles

OBDM Rooftop Structures (Tom Wiscombe)

OBDM Rooftop Structures (Tom Wiscombe Architecture)

Last year AN reported that Los Angeles developer Tom Gilmore and LA architect Tom Wiscombe were teaming up to build the Old Bank District Museum in downtown’s historic core. The facility, which will showcase Los Angeles–based contemporary artists, will be located inside of—and on top of—the old Farmer’s & Merchant’s Bank, the Hellman Building, and the Bankhouse Garage at 4th and Main Street.


Overall rooftop view (Tom Wiscombe Architecture)

The team has released new renderings of the project, which show in much greater detail how Wiscombe’s folded structures will peek over rooftops, punch through floors and walls, and create an entirely new architectural language for its neighborhood. The rooftop sculpture garden (which contains a cafe, a theater, reflecting pools, and multi-level walkways) is where Wiscombe really lets loose, with angular, etched forms that could be confused for spaceships. Enjoy the images below, and we will keep you posted as details emerge.

(Tom Wiscombe)

Exterior of rooftop restaurant (Tom Wiscombe Architecture)


OBDM Interior (Tom Wiscombe Architecture)


OBDM Interior (Tom Wiscombe Architecture)


View of OBDM from Main Street (Tom Wiscombe Architecture)


Near the OBDM entrance (Tom Wiscombe Architecture)


Inside rooftop restaurant (Tom Wiscombe Architecture)

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