On View> New York’s landmarked interiors get their own show at the New York School of Interior Design

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(Larry Lederman)

(Larry Lederman)

Rescued, Restored, Reimagined: New York’s Landmark Interiors
New York School of Interior Design Gallery
161 East 69th Street, New York City
Through April 24

There are 117 landmarked public interior spaces in New York City. That seems like a fair number until you realize that the city is home to more than 1,300 building exteriors that have been granted landmark status. Rescued, Restored, Reimagined, an exhibition currently on show at the New York School of Interior Design Gallery (NYSID), seeks to strike a balance by making the argument that historic interiors are just as important as the edifices that enclose them.

(Larry Lederman)

(Larry Lederman)

“Often, when we think of landmarks, we think of exterior architecture,” said NYSID President David Sprouls. “This exhibition turns that notion on its head by focusing on the important role that interiors play in our lives as well as the incredible design that exists inside buildings all over our city.”

The exhibition examines the importance of public interiors in which we conduct our daily lives, and the challenges and controversies in maintaining them in the face of evolving needs. Representing spaces from all five boroughs, the exhibition spotlights icons such as the Radio City Music Hall’s art deco splendor, the old-world grandeur of City Hall, as well as lesser-known gems like the Italian Baroque–style Loew’s Paradise Theater in the Bronx.

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