Animated film shows how growing up with modernist architect parents comes with its own challenges


Still from Me and My Moulton.

A short film called Me and My Moulton by director Torill Kove takes a humorous look at growing up with parents who are “modernist architects”—and it’s been nominated for an Academy Award under “Best Animated Short Film.” Told from the perspective of of a seven-year-old middle child, the challenges of growing up with architect parents include three-legged dinner table chairs and a house that your friends think is a bit odd.

Kove went on with a series of other shorts such as “Five Sure Signs Your Parents Were Architects” told by the same narrator (watch it below). Our favorites include “all your clothes were made of Scandinavian curtain fabric” and “your furniture…was not safe.” Watch other shorts like “Redesigning Christmas” and “Party Time” on the film’s website. Kove previously won an Oscar for his film The Danish Poet.

[h/t Archdaily.]

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