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Heatherwick’s 2.7-acre floating park will include gardens, cultural venues, and rolling hills.
Courtesy Heatherwick Studio/MNLA

This year, we saw leading architects from around the world proposing bold landscape designs that wouldn’t just provide exciting public spaces—they would help cities fight back against climate change. From the federal government’s "Rebuild By Design" competition to Heatherwick’s floating park above the Hudson River, it was a big year for landscape architecture and urbanism.

Feature> Stemming the Tide

Streetscapes and plazas are being transformed into high performance sites for stormwater management.

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Hillside on the Hudson

Heatherwick unveils floating park above New York City’s Hudson River.

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Transit’s a Peach

Urbanizing Atlanta tries out multi-modal transit options and a walkable district.



The High Line at High Tide

OMA and OLIN win competition to turn D.C. bridge into elevated park.



Dark Park

Towers along Manhattan’s 57th Street will cast a pall across Central Park.



Will Rebuild be Realized?

Millions in federal funds allocated for East coast resiliency efforts.



Bottom-up Urbanism

What’s next for the Lowline, Manhattan’s futuristic subterranean park.



Through the Veil

Get lost in a glass labyrinth at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.



The Illuminated Path

Idaho couple proposes paving the nation with specialty solar panels.



Tactical Landscapes

Spackman Mossop Michaels prepares master plans for Baton Rouge & New Orleans.

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