Hof's Hut, another famed California mid-century diner, in trouble after back-to-back fires

Hoff's Hutt in its prime (Marvin Rand)

Hoff’s Hutt in its prime (Marvin Rand)

While it appears that Los Angeles’ famed Norms restaurant is safe, at least for the moment, another local dining landmark is in trouble: Hof’s Hut, in Long Beach, which recently suffered “significant damage” due to multiple fires, according to the LA Times.

Designed by mid-century architect Edward Killingsworth, the restaurant’s exposed post and beam structure and massive windows (now partially hidden by ugly awnings) helped make it a classic for more than half a century.

Inspectors are still attempting to determine the cause of the back-to-back fires. To this point the restaurant has not released plans on rebuilding, but in a statement said, “We are devastated by the fire and loss of our Long Beach Blvd. restaurant.”  There are three other Hof’s Huts remaining in Southern California.

Hof's Hut in Torrance (Hof's Hut)

Hof’s Hut in Torrance (Hof’s Hut)

Hof's Hut Los Alamitos (Hof's Hut)

Hof’s Hut Los Alamitos (Hof’s Hut)

Original Hof's Hut beach stand in Long Beach (Hof's Hut)

Original Hof’s Hut beach stand in Long Beach (Hof’s Hut)

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