Edible Artwork> A shareable chocolate bar from Snarkitecture


(Courtesy Dandelion Chocolate)

Tis the season for unique design objets. A collaboration between Snarkitecture and the artisans at Dandelion Chocolate has created the Break Bar—a double entendre name, indeed. The bar proved a challenge to produce, with only 50 bars molded daily by the chocolatiers. Total output: A limited edition of 500.


(Courtesy Dandelion Chocolate)

An excerpt from the designers’ description of the product yields a clue to its academic ambition. “The break between the architectural volume of the rectangular bar and the irregular topography of its interior continues Snarkitecture‘s exploration of the space between the familiar and the unexpected.” (Remember, this is a chocolate bar—albeit five ounces of 70 percent Belizean Maya Mountain chocolate—we’re talking about.)

While the bipartite design ensures there will be no physical problems (i.e., chocolate crumbs and shards) in sharing the confection, there’s no such guarantee that confirmed sweet-tooths will be psychologically inclined to part with with it.

Lest the Scrooges among us balk at the Break Bar’s $45 price tag, keep in mind that all profits from the sales of the candy will go to Southern Exposure, a San Francisco not-for-profit arts organization. And if you happen to get lucky and find a white ticket wrapped inside the package, you can trade it in for a prize even rarer than the Break Bar itself: a non-edible gypsum sculpture of the piece, also designed by Snarkitecture.


(Courtesy Dandelion Chocolate)

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