Zaha Hadid and collaborate on wearable tech



Does the world need another bit of wearable tech? thinks so, and the musician/entrepreneur has enlisted Zaha Hadid to lend her talents to his fashion-forward cause.

Here’s the rundown: Called the Puls, the Android-based cuff bracelet uses a SIM card, allowing it to function independent of any smartphone. It responds to voice commands, which makes sending texts, placing phone calls, playing music, posting to social media, and the like largely a hands-free operation (although there is a teeny, tiny keyboard that can pop up onscreen).



The Puls uses conductive wireless charging technology, so instead of a USB connection, the device powers up through contact with a charging surface. Puls is promised to be in AT&T stores for the holidays. As far as the Zaha designs go, no word on the date of their release.

Curved, fairly rigid, and rather bulky, the Puls isn’t likely to get any smaller in Ms. Hadid’s renditions. But it is certainly going to become more eye-catching. caught these glimpses of the starchitect’s watch at a recent conference.





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