On View> Installation exposes earthquake country in Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Sketch of Domus's yurt-like structure (M&A)

Sketch of Domus’s yurt-like structure (M&A)

Materials and Applications
1619 Silver Lake Blvd
Through Spring 2015

You can’t tell at first glance, but Silver Lake gallery Materials & Applications is measuring the ground shaking beneath your feet. Their newest installation, Domus, by D.V. Rogers, detects worldwide seismic activity measured by the US Geological Survey and reveals it with a 7-foot-tall, multi-colored LED “light chandelier” display and with pulsing sounds. All is encased inside a 20-foot-tall, six-sided “hexayurt” made with simple exterior insulation panels and filament tape. The installation will be up until next Spring.

Earthquake-responding light chandelier (M&A)

Ground shift-responding light chandelier (M&A)

A key component of Domus is to engage people with earthquake-preparedness and post-disaster strategies, a reality that is often ignored in temblor-prone Los Angeles. The structure itself is an example of low cost architecture for possible disaster zones. Rogers has already hosted workshops on the topic, and more events are planned during the show’s duration.

Mural at M&A hints at the subject matter (M&A)

Mural at M&A hints at the subject matter (M&A)

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