Mexico City Airport

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Courtesy Foster + Partners

Mexico City Airport
Architect: Foster + Partners, Fernando Romero FR-EE
Client: the Mexican government
Location: Mexico City
Completion: First phase by 2020

Foster + Partners is teaming up with Fernando Romero to design what they hope will be a model for low energy, environmentally friendly airports, a notoriously energy intensive building type. Using a lightweight super structure with spans up to 560-feet across, the building is designed to reduce distances between gates and boost efficiency overall. Seen from above, the design resembles a sea creature. The building’s mechanicals are integrated into the floor, freeing the roof of ducts and cables and allowing for an exposed structure. The building will require little heating or cooling throughout the year in spite of Mexico’s hot climate. “It pioneers a new concept for a large-span, single airport enclosure, which will achieve new levels of efficiency and flexibility—and it will be beautiful,” said Norman Foster in a statement. “Mexico has really seized the initiative in investing in its national airport, understanding its social and economic importance.” The prefabricated structure is designed for rapid, scaffolding-free assembly, and the design team is aiming for LEEP Platinum certification.

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