Gehry unveils latest design for controversial Eisenhower Memorial in Washington D.C.


Frank Gehry has offered up another design for his remarkably controversial Eisenhower Memorial in Washington D.C. The revised approach comes a few months after the National Capital Planning Commission shot down Team Gehry’s last design which included massive metal tapestries and columns that obstructed views of the capitol dome.

[beforeafter]02-eisenhower-new-b 02-eisenhower-new-a[/beforeafter]

For the new iteration, Gehry ditches the large tapestries and columns that frame either end of the site, but he hasn’t given up entirely on the tapestry idea just yet. The memorial still includes the significant mesh screen that runs the length of the memorial and is supposed to depict the Kansas landscape where Ike grew up.

Overall, the commissioners seemed to appreciate the design changes, but let’s not overstate things. DCist reported that Ellen McCarthy, the director of Washington’s Office of Planning, questioned the team’s decision to keep two freestanding 80-foot columns at the site. The director reportedly compared them to left-over pieces at the end of a Planet of the Apes movie. California congressman Darrell Issa said they look more like the structural columns holding up Eisenhower’s interstate highway system. Still, Issa said he would rather move forward with this plan than start over with an entirely new design. The panel will vote on the revised plan at its next meeting.

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