On View> Connecticut's Bruce Museum presents "Tales of Two Cities: New York & Beijing"

(Chen Shaoxiong)

(Chen Shaoxiong)

Tales of Two Cities: New York & Beijing
Bruce Museum
1 Museum Drive, Greenwich, CT
Through August 31

The Bruce Museum’s newest exhibition examines two of the world’s greatest art capitals: New York and Beijing. The show compares works by five New York–based artists and five Beijing-based based artists. The ten creators have been engaged in five different global, cross-cultural, artistic dialogues over the course of two years via email, Skype, and in person, sometimes with translators, about issues ranging from political and social upheaval, the concept of global culture, and questions about materials and techniques.

The exhibition consists of new and existing works along with two site-specific pieces. The concept for this show grew out of a 2010 collaboration between New York artist Michelle Fornabai and Beijing artist Qin Feng, which was curated by Pan Qing at Columbia University’s Studio X. Both artists are featured in the Bruce Museum show. The curators matched the artists based partly on the kind of work that they do and their artistic processes, but more importantly on the type of dialogue in which they suspected the artists might engage within the context of their respective urban environments. Many of the ten artists are themselves on the move between global art centers, not only New York and Beijing, but also in Latin America and Europe.

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