Former Firefighter Creates the Fire Hydrant of the Future

Sigelock SPARTAN (Courtesy Sigelock Systems)

Sigelock SPARTAN Hydrant (Courtesy Sigelock Systems)

Fire hydrants are as necessary as they are historically significant. The first fire hydrant was proposed sometime during the early 19th century. No one knows the exact date as the records of its creation and use were, ironically, destroyed in a fire. The design of modern fire hydrants hasn’t changed for decades, but today, a veteran firefighter has proposed a new design that could make fighting fires much easier.

Fire hydrant manufacturer Sigelock Systems is advocating the use of the Sigelock SPARTAN hydrant, designed to improve the quality of these important fire hydrants and to preserve the lives of thousands of people. Led by firefighter George Sigelakis, Sigelock has innovated a fire hydrant that provides an answer to the major problems surrounding typical fire hydrants.

The SPARTAN hydrant consumes less water, does not easily rust, and is much harder to tamper with in comparison to conventional fire hydrants. The new design has been slow to catch on, however. Only 150 SPARTAN hydrants are currently in use in 11 states.

The main obstacle to the distribution of this invention appears to be the cost, which is 20 percent more than a regular fire hydrant. The designers noted, however, that reduced maintenance on the new hydrant along with significant water savings can offset this cost difference.

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