Rebuild By Design> Sasaki's Plan To Save the Beaches of the Jersey Shore

The Jersey shore in Sasaki's plan. (Courtesy Sasaki)

The Jersey shore in Sasaki’s plan. (Courtesy Sasaki)

In early April, the ten finalists in the Rebuild By Design competition unveiled their proposals to protect the Tri-state region from the next Sandy. And in the near future, a jury will select a winner—or winners—to receive federal funding to pursue their plans. But before that final announcement is made, AN is taking a closer look at each of the final ten proposals. Here’s Sasaki’s plan to save the Jersey shore.

Aerial view of Sasaki's plan. (Courtesy Sasaki)

Aerial view of Sasaki’s plan. (Courtesy Sasaki)

The plan presented by Sasaki—along with Rutgers University and ARUP—is focused on preserving and protecting the Jersey shore’s iconic beaches. “Ultimately, the Jersey Shore’s future resiliency must be linked to projects that deepen the physical extent, ecological reach, and cultural understanding of the beach,” the team explained in a statement. Their plan includes moving new development from barrier islands that were severely impacted during Hurricane Sandy, to areas farther inland. According to Sasaki, this would protect development projects and diversify the tourist economy.

In Asbury Park, the team creates a “hybrid boardwalk-dune”—a structure that preserves the function of a traditional boardwalk, while also providing a natural habitat and storm-surge mitigation. And for inland inland bay communities, Sasaki “[reclaims] the inland bay’s underutilized water spaces as public places.”

New public spaces. (Courtesy Sasaki)

New public spaces. (Courtesy Sasaki)

Sasaki's plan for the beach. (Courtesy Sasaki)

Sasaki’s plan for the beach. (Courtesy Sasaki)

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