French designer imagines skyscrapers dripping with flowers in Casablanca

gardens of anfa 4

(Courtesy Maison Edouard François)

French designer Maison Edouard François has presented designs for The Gardens of Anfa, a project consisting of three residential towers, a low-rise office building, and several ancillary structures all situated within a large plot of parkland in Morroco. The four largest components of the design are clad in various flowers that pour down curved, irregular facades. The peripheral buildings are rectilinear and appear largely free of the organic attire found on their taller neighbors.

gardens of anfa 2

(Courtesy Maison Edouard François)

Washingtonia palms populate the innermost portion of the complex, a flatland bordered on four sides by the aforementioned towers. The apartments feature 360-degree balconies surrounded by fencing rendered in Arabic geometric patterning. White and jasmine bougainvilleas cover much of their exteriors in contrast to the more vibrant hues found in the vegetal coating of the office building. The latter is a squatter rendition of the same basic form of the residences.

gardens of anfa 7

(Courtesy Maison Edouard François)

This piazza is enclosed by a ring of smaller square buildings also to act as housing. These jigsaw structures are interspersed by rectangular protrusions that lend a decidedly tetris-like quality to the facades. Geometric apertures continue the Arabesque motifs found in the high-rises. Underground parking will be tucked away beneath this Moroccan Eden. The Gardens, which are set to be completed in 2016–2017, are not Edouard François’ first dalliance into the union of flora and verticality.

Round up the usual vegetal towers.

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