Makerbot debuts three new 3D printers



In a press conference helmed by CEO Bre Pettis, 3D Printer manufacturers Makerbot revealed three new printers set to become commercially available in the near future. The announcement came as a part of CES, the annual consumer electronics and technology trade show currently taking place in Las Vegas. Among the products launched is the Z18, a larger machine capable of producing objects that are up to 12 inches wide and 18 inches long.


Z18 (Makerbot)

The launch represents Makerbot’s latest attempt at reaching the entire spectrum of the 3D printer consumer market. The Z18 is joined by the Mini, the cheapest of the machines, tailored for ease of use, and a 5th generation update of their Replicator model. The printers feature built-in cameras and LCD displays that allow for external monitoring of internal building as it progresses. While their various functionalities are accompanied by differing price points, even the least expensive product in the line will retail for well over $1,000.


Replicator (Makerbot)

Makerbot is quickly rising to the fore of the 3D printing market. Pettis claimed that over 44,000 of his machines are currently in use around the world. Along with the new printers, the Brooklyn-based company also announced plans for a digital store where designs can be purchased and downloaded were also announced. While the Replicator can already be ordered, the other two models are expected to be purchasable sometime this Spring.


Mini (Makerbot)

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