SOLA Pop Cart

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Mark Montiel

SOLA Pop Cart
189 The Grove Drive
Los Angeles
Tel: 323-900-8080
Designer: Bestor Arcitecture

Over the holidays, design-minded company Sisters of Los Angeles (SOLA) have been selected as one of the Pop Carts for LA’s The Grove. SOLA is managed by architect and author Barbara Bestor, product development specialist Karen Alweil, and marketing expert Sara Stein. The cart is the brand’s first physical store, and contains city-inspired gifts and souvenirs. The Grove provided the wooden cart, and the team gutted it and installed new shelves and display boxes, repainted it, and added a new logo.

Bestor calls the cart a “low cost antidote to some of the more luxurious offerings at The Grove.” Priced between $1.50 to $70, the collection is emblazoned with images of LA beaches, canyons, and zip codes. It includes T-shirts, hats, bracelets, totes, frisbees, iPad covers, candles, and, our personal favorite, LA freeway shot glasses. The brand has expanded its inspiration to cities like New York, Palm Springs, Boston, Las Vegas, and Brooklyn. The cart will be open until January 21.

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