Public Art Fund Installation Creates a Colorful Terrain in Brooklyn

(Courtesy Public Art Fund)

Just Two of Us by Katharina Grosse is a sculptural landscape of color in downtown Brooklyn. (Courtesy Public Art Fund / Flickr )

Amidst the trees of MetroTech Commons in downtown Brooklyn, a vibrant architectural terrain has been formed. In an installation piece called Just Two of Us, Berlin-based artist Katharina Grosse has situated eighteen large, multi-colored sculptural forms in the wooded public space. Sponsored by the Public Art Fund, the work creates a surprising show of colors and a form that walks the line between sculpture, architecture, and painting.

With a spray can rather than paintbrush, Grosse creates layers and gradations of saturated neon colors on the three-dimensional fiberglass-covered plastic shapes set in nature. Irregular sculptures with deeply cut valleys, they transform the sparse environment. Built up in rough towers, they hint at an otherworldly form of shelter. Grosse’s temporary art installation creates a polychrome landscape where light, depth, and color invite viewers to explore the public space.

Just Two of Us is on view at the MetroTech Commons plaza until September 14, 2014.

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