Glacial Inspiration Leads Zaha Hadid to Her Latest Curvilinear Product Design

(Courtesy Jacopo Spilimbergo)

Zaha Hadid’s Newest Furniture Design: Prototype Liquid Glacial Table. (Courtesy Jacopo Spilimbergo)

Zaha Hadid has once again expanded her curvilinear design prospects. From wine bottles to superyachts, the starchitect has been quite productive in her recent development of a variety of non-architecture products, and none with right angles.

Her latest endeavor is in the world of furniture. For the current exhibition, Liquid Glacial, at David Gill Galleries in London, Hadid has unveiled a new piece in her ongoing series of ice-influenced tables. Inspired by the unique geometry of glaciers, “Prototype Liquid Glacial Table” is an evolution of the previous tables, but all explore a seemingly contradictory existence of two simultaneous states of water.

(Courtesy Jacopo Spilimbergo)

(Courtesy Jacopo Spilimbergo)

Polished to resemble pure glacial ice, Prototype Liquid Glacial Table has the dynamism and curves signature of Hadid’s architectural designs. In clear Plexiglas, four columns resembling cyclones of liquid water are frozen as solid table legs. These supports seem to originate from the horizontal tabletop, a smooth, undisturbed plane. The underside of this flat surface is a series of ripples in clear acrylic, as if the glacier were still liquid and the table were truly made of water.

Hadid’s 2012 Liquid Glacier furniture series was shortlisted by London’s Design Museum as a “Best Design of 2012.”

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