Jakob + MacFarlane Designs a Pair of Carafes for Ricard Pastis

Jakob + MacFarlane's Ridard Duo Carafe Set (Courtesy Pernod Ricard)

Jakob + MacFarlane’s Ridard Duo Carafe Set. (Courtesy Pernod Ricard)

Another week, another architect-designed liquor bottle. This time around, Paris-based architecture duo Jakob + MacFarlane—who made headlines over the summer with their tubular “Turbulances” project in France—have joined up with the manufacturer of their nation’s most popular pastis to create a pair chiseled, glass decanters.

The set of slender, carved-glass carafes, commissioned by Pernod Ricard, is color-coded and sculpted to represent the “authenticity” of the beloved aperitif. The pair—consisting of a clear, ice-like container for water and an opaque, yellow one for the liqueur—are packaged together in a punctured, swiss cheese–shaped box.

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