Finding Fun in Cities: PLAYscapes Competition Winners Announced

Cape Town Gardens Skatepark (Photo: Building Trust International)

Cape Town Gardens Skatepark. (Courtesy Building Trust International)

Earlier this year, Building Trust International put professional and student architects and designers to work with the hope of turning outmoded city spaces into exciting, imaginative places through its international design competition, PLAYscapes. Winning entries focused on transforming disused, forgotten parts of cities into playscapes have now been announced.

Bring a Pal and Have Fun (Photo: Building Trust International)

Bring a Pal and Have Fun. (Courtesy Building Trust International)

The winner of the professional category is Cape Town Gardens Skatepark in South Africa, an initiative to transform a vacant public space into a dedicated area for skateboarders. The reuse-based project is currently underway and seeks to set a precedent for similar enterprises.

The winner of the student category is Bring a Pal and Have Fun, by a student team from Lusiada University of Lisbon. With a self-sustaining, locally managed proposal, the scheme demonstrates versatility and emphasizes the community and history of the space.

Before you get back to work, be sure to check out the honorable mentions and more than 100 Student Professional entries here.

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