Spend the Summer in Portugal Building a Giant Model for the Lisbon Triennale

Workshop Futuro Perfeito (Courtesy Susana Gaude)

Workshop Futuro Perfeito (Courtesy Susana Gaude)

The Venice Biennale may be the most visible and glamorous architecture exhibition in the world, but it is not the only one on the design calendar. In fact, these exhibitions have been proliferating around the globe in the past ten years and several have not made it past their inaugural year. One of the best of the newer architecture exhibits is the Lisbon Triennale, which is about to host its third exhibition opening September 12, 2013.

The Lisbon event, like any new kid on the block, is more youthful and full of new ideas and features many architects who are appearing on the international stage for the first time. The theme of the upcoming Triennale is Close, Closer and is directed by English curator Beatrice Galilee along with Liam Young, Mariana Pestana, and Jose Esparza. The curators are proposing that during the event architecture will be portrayed as a living, social, and artistic force, charting cultural, political, scientific, and aesthetic territories. They propose to do this by examining “the multiple possibilities of architectural output through critical and experimental exhibitions, events, performances, and debates across” the beautiful city of Lisbon.

The exhibition does not open for another three months, but the curators are already preparing the creation of a 40-square-meter, hyper-real, scale model for the Treinnale. One of the curators, Laim Young, is running a workshop for students and young architects to build this model before the opening of the triennial. The workshop will take place between July 29 and August 9 in Lisbon. It will not just create a model, but will provide an immersive experience described as an “intense sensory experience of the future urban habitat, which the visitor is welcome to walk through and explore.” What better way to spend ten days this summer than working on a large-scale model in Lisbon?

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