On View> “Abelardo Morell: The Universe Next Door” at the Art Institute of Chicago

(Abelardo Morell)

Camera Obscura: View of the Brooklyn Bridge in Bedroom, 2009. (Abelardo Morell)

Abelardo Morell: The Universe Next Door
Art Institute of Chicago
111 South Michigan Avenue
Through September 2, 2013

Abelardo Morell is a Cuban-born American photographer who over the past 25 years has used photography and his unique way of looking at the world to create compelling works of art. Morell finds inspiration for his pictures in the environment he is most comfortable in, his home. The subjects of Morell’s photographs are common household objects—still lives of books and money—but the photographer is most known for his Camera Obscura series. To create these unique, large-format photographs, Morell cuts out a small opening in a dark room that reveals a view of the outside world. An upside down image of the outside is then projected back into the interior of the room. Morell then photographs a projection of the outside world set against the common objects that fill a room’s interior, such as a bed, or a table of stacked books. This exhibition features more than 100 of the artist’s works in which he experimented with various techniques, including photograms, still-life tableaux, stop-motion studies, and the tent camera.

(Abelardo Morell)

Toy Blocks, 1987. (Abelardo Morell)

(Abelardo Morell)

Laura and Brady in the Shadow of Our House, 1994. (Abelardo Morell)

(Abelardo Morell)

Still Life with Pears: Photogram on 20” x 24” Film, 2006. (Abelardo Morell)

(Abelardo Morell)

Lightbulb, 1991. (Abelardo Morell)

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