Eavesdrop> MOCA Drama...It's Still Not Over

Elena Manferdini's installation for "A New Sculpturalism"

Elena Manferdini’s planned installation for “A New Sculpturalism”

Just when we thought the troubled MOCA New Sculpturalism exhibition was finally wrapping up relatively smoothly…

There has been no official confirmation, but we’ve heard from several people involved with the show that Thom Mayne and his firm Morphosis are now leading the show, not curator Christopher Mount. Participants confirm that emails are now coming from Morphosis, not MOCA, while the show’s assistant curator Johanna Vandemoortele last week sent out an email that she had already departed from MOCA. Mount was not available for comment, but Mayne’s spokesperson Legier Stahl noted: “It is a collective, community effort. We are just helping to facilitate.” Rumor has it that Mayne is considering adding more participants, including Wes Jones, John Enright, Hitoshi Abe, and Qingyun. Stay tuned as the saga continues.

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