Pittsburgh Takes Urban Planning On the Road With Talk Show Truck

(Courtesy PlanPGH)

(Courtesy PlanPGH)

As part of the city’s first ever 25-year development plan, PLANPGH, Pittsburgh is taking a cue from Boston and rolling out a mobile talk show truck to hear what residents of each of the city’s 90 neighborhoods have to say about public art and urban design. TALKPGH will be cruising throughout the city on the glass-walled back of a box truck through April 20th as a public outreach effort from ARTPGH and DESIGNPGH, the public art and urban design branches of PLANPGH. The concerns and opinions voiced on the talk show will be taken into consideration during the creation of Pittsburgh’s first design manual, which will guide the city’s growth over the next 25 years.


Public art and urban design will be key components of the plan, and as Morton Brown, the city’s manager of public art told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, officials are dedicated to making sure there will be room in the budget for high-quality art and design “in all city projects, from bridges to senior centers to pools… We want to raise the bar on public and private property. We’ve gathered every community design plan that has ever been done in neighborhoods, to pick the ‘greatest hits’ of each and to educate people on best practice models.”

With opportunities for growth throughout the city, TALKPGH gives residents an opportunity to raise awareness of their own neighborhoods, and bring their own local concerns to the forefront of planning discussions. If you live in Pittsburgh and want to have your voice heard or know someone who does, check here to see when TALKPGH is coming to your neighborhood and send an email to info@talkpgh.com or call 1-408-800-3176 to become an interviewee or a neighborhood liaison.

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