Redondo Waterfront May Get Major Redesign

Developer's proposed boutique hotel. (Courtesy CenterCal)

Developer’s proposed boutique hotel. (Courtesy CenterCal)

El Segundo, CA-based developer CenterCal recently revealed plans for a revamped Redondo Beach waterfront near Los Angeles, which includes parts of the Redondo Beach Pier, as well as the nearby boardwalk and Seaside Lagoon. According to The Daily Breeze, CenterCal presented its plans to residents, local business owners, and community groups at a meeting on February 23.

Plan to revitalize Redondo's pier and waterfront. (Courtesy CenterCal)

Plan to revitalize Redondo’s pier and waterfront. (Courtesy CenterCal)

The response was largely appreciative of the developer’s efforts to propose something that doesn’t radically affect an area considered sacred by locals. Some of the key provisions include expanded public spaces, improved bike and pedestrian access to the pier and waterfront, a connector bridge linking the pier with the adjacent waterfront, and a re-designed lagoon that would be open year-round.

Will the new inclusion of such amenities, including a boutique hotel, more restaurants and shops, bring a renaissance to the area?  The pier and surrounding waterfront haven’t been the same since a huge storm and subsequent electrical fire in 1988 knocked the “horseshoe” section out and caused millions of dollars in damage.

Now that the proposal is complete the Redondo Beach City Council is set to hold a vote in mid-March. The projected cost of the project could range from $150- to $200-million and is expected to take several years to complete. According to CenterCal President Jean Paul Wardy, “It will be at least two years before a shovel hits the ground.”

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