Synthesis Wins Shanghai Competition With "Urban Canyon" Concept

04Ne perspetive

Street perspective of development. (SDA)

Los Angeles-based Synthesis Design & Architecture (SDA) in association with Shenzhen General Institute of Architectural Design and Research have won an invited competition to design the 1.9 million-square-foot, mixed-use Shanghai Wuzhou International Plaza in Shanghai.

Their slick “Urban Canyon” concept summons images of a magnificent gorge cutting through the city with its two nested cliff-like structures that have been carved from the landscape by staggered, pebble-looking buildings. The facades’ and roofs’ grooved titanium-zinc cladding adds to the metaphor while mimicking the energy and vibrancy of the city.

Divided into two blocks, the northern area houses luxury retail shops and developer Hong Kong Wuzhou International Group’s corporate offices. The southern section is a retail, lifestyle and entertainment complex anchored by two office towers. Sky bridges connect the buildings and outside, plazas, landscaping, seating areas, and dynamic lighting are integrated. Practical details are still being finalized.

Perspective view of Shanghai Wuzhou International Plaza (SDA)

Perspective view of Shanghai Wuzhou International Plaza (SDA)

06 facade detail

Facade detail (SDA)

Aerial view of the "urban canyon" at night. (SDA)

Aerial view of the “urban canyon” at night. (SDA)


Daytime view of “Urban Canyon” (SDA)

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