Denari Takes Keelung

International West

(image courtesy Michael Speaks)

Neil Denari Architects have won the challenge everyone is talking about: the international competition to design the Keelung Harbor Service Project in Taiwan. According to Keelung’s web site the project will become the “Gateway to the Nation,” developing unused waterfront land into a passenger and cargo terminal, a transfer station, an arts plaza, and a wharf for more industrial activity.

According to images posted by jury member Michael Speaks, Denari’s plan consists of carved out metallic-skinned masses floating above narrow bases above raised plazas. Surfaces are textured with graphic components including repeating angular window patterns and lime green and powder blue colors. The curved buildings interconnect forming internal courtyards and, at one point, a huge framed view onto the waterfront. The $140 million project is meant to accelerate development in the surrounding areas, including several commercial buildings near the site.

The seven-member jury included Aaron Betsky and Speaks. Other teams shortlisted for the project included New York-based Asymptote Architecture, LA-based Platform for Research + Architecture, and Dutch firm Mecanoo Architecten. More pictures from Speaks below.

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