A Wall of Pixels Comes To Life in The Hyper-Matrix

(Courtesy DesignBoom)

(Courtesy DesignBoom)

Imagine taking the fundamental unit of digital imaging—the pixel—and making it a dynamic part of physical reality. This is precisely what Seoul-based media arts group Jonpasang accomplished at the 2012 Hyundai Motor Group Exhibition. Comprised of what at first appear to be three blank white walls, Jonpasang’s Hyper-Matrix installation quickly comes to life as thousands of individual cubic units forming a field of pixels begin to move, pulsate, and form dynamic images across the room.

The creative feat of engineering is built on steel scaffolding forming an armature for the lightweight cubes, each measuring about one square foot and individually affixed to stepper motors. Mimicking the pixelated digital image, each white cube extends and retracts in sync to form tangible displays and animations revealed through shade and shadow. While in the room, the sounds of the moving cubes also help engage audiences with the experience of witnessing waves of concentric circles expand across the screen. The surfaces themselves may also serve as projection screens when the cubes are resting on a uniform vertical plane.

Design collective Jonpansang consists of Jin-Yo Mok, Sookyun Yang, Earl Park, Jin-Wook Yea, and Sang-Wook Yu. Their Hyper Matrix was constructed in Korea in May to be on display for the 2012 Hyundai Motor Group Exhibition, which recently closed.

Concentric Circles in the Matrix. (Via: http://www.creativeapplications.net/environment/hyper-matrix-thousands-of-physical-pixels-in-a-180o-vertical-landscape/)

Concentric Circles in the Matrix. (Via Creative Applications)

[ Via FastCo Design/DesignBoom. ]

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