NYC Gears Up for Bike Share...but Where?

AIANY's Rick Bell and ArchNewsNow's Kristen Richards check out the new bikes.

AIANY's Rick Bell and ArchNewsNow's Kristen Richards check out the new bikes. (Stoelker/AN)

To hell with what Pennsylvania groundhog Punxsutawney Phil says about there being six more weeks of winter; if you want a true harbinger of spring, head over the Center for Architecture for a last chance to check out the “Two Wheel Transit” show mounted by the DEP for their bike share program that going to be launched in the spring. The show teases out some of the details of the plan that will add rentable public bikes to the New York City’s transit options.  The exhibit closes this Saturday, but if you don’t make it over in time, you can go to one of the community bike share workshops that begin on Monday. The first meeting will be held at 25 Carmine Street. The workshops will give New Yorkers a chance to comment on where to put the 600 bike stations.

Commissioner Sadik-Khan takes the floor.

Commissioner Sadik-Khan takes the floor at the Center for Architecture.

Some of the concerns about the stations crowding already crowded sidewalks, was addressed by DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan at the show’s opening. She said the department will be looking at placing them atop subway grating, in privately owned pubic spaces, and near major subway hubs. A crowd sourcing program on the department’s website has already received over 7000 suggestions—including one fan from Portland Oregon who wants a station placed there.

The commissioner said that the DOT is also developing an app that will allow bike share users to find a station nearest them, as well as the number of bikes that may or may not be available. With 70 percent of New Yorkers approving the plan, the app will come in handy as certain stations may be prove too popular to keep bikes on hand.

“It’s the right fit, for the right city, at the right time,” said Sadik-Khan.

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