Construction Watch: Tattuplex

Meet architect Tom Marble’s Tattuplex. The steel-framed duplex, cantilevering off a steep hill in LA’s Silver Lake neighborhood is being built for nurse and buddhist-monk-in-training Tim Tattu. The project’s steel frame was fabricated off-site by Ecosteel, allowing it to be bolted together onsite in just a few days. And of course, it has one of the most beautiful construction sites imaginable, overlooking the Silver Lake reservoir. 

Marble started the design with two hexagons. Then he really got to work: “Through more than 70 iterations — what I call fermentations — we pushed and pulled the geometries so as to maximize livability without compromising the concept,” he said. The downstairs will be a one-bedroom apartment, the upstairs will be a studio. Sustainable elements include passive heating and cooling; composting kitchens (and maybe toilets); rainwater cisterns; deep overhangs for shading; a tree orchard and vegetable garden below and a vegetated roof upstairs.The rest of the house should be done  this summer. Stay tuned as we see it finish up.

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