Meet Vernon Davis, NFL Player and Interior Designer

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Vernon Davis. (Montage with images by MCD and John Martinez Pavliga / Flickr)

Vernon Davis. (Montage with images by MCD and John Martinez Pavliga / Flickr)

Vernon Davis the San Francisco 49er tight end who caught a spectacular pass in the end zone in the final seconds of Saturday’s game with New Orleans is more than just a football player. Not only is he an avid curling fan and player (he was honorary captain of the Men’s U.S. Olympic Curling team for the for the U.S. team in the 2010 Olympics) but he is also an interior designer. Davis is the co-owner of MCD or Modern Class Design along with music industry executive Antone Barnes. MCD focuses on designing interior spaces for “athletes and other clients that are suited to the client’s taste, but still affordable.” He tells his athlete clients, “You don’t have to break your bank to live well and have style,” and “this moment won’t last forever, so plan for the future.”

But Davis has more laudable goals for MCD. He wants to expand into inner-city communities across America and become involved in projects that will improve people’s lives. “I grew up in a rough neighborhood in D.C. and so did my business partner, Antone, who’s from Jersey City,” said Davis. “We were surrounded by graffiti and abandoned houses where there were no parks, and very few recreation centers or safe places to go. It shouldn’t be that way and we’re planning to change that with MCD, one project at a time.” He continued, “Living well should be available for everyone. That’s what MCD is all about.”

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