Sukkah STL: A Contemporary Twist on Ancient Tradition

60 Degree Sukkah by Filip Tejchman

60 Degree Sukkah by Filip Tejchman

Ten Sukkahs—small temporary structures built for the Jewish festival of Sukkot—will be on display at Washington University in St. Louis. The ten winning projects, by architects and designers from across the country, were chosen out of a group of 40 competition entries. Sukkot recognizes the struggle of the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt, and Sukkahs recall the fragile structures they inhabited.

Emery McClure Architectre of Lafayette, LA, Act3, Trivers Architecture, and STL Beacon of St. Louis, Filip Tejchman of Brooklyn, NY, Sean Corriel of New York, Lea Oxenhandler and Evan Maxwell Litvin of Philadelphia, Alexander Morley and Jennifer Wong of St. Louis, Casey Hughes Architects of Los Angeles, Christine Yogiaman of St. Louis, John Kleinschmidt and Andy Sternad of New Orleans, Bronwyn Charlton and Linda Levin of St. Louis. The Sukkah STL structures will be on view October 18-22.

Jurors included architects Mitchell Joachim and Carol Ross Barney, critic Christopher Hawthorne, Bruce Lindsey, dean of architecture at the Sam Fox School of Design at Washington University, Rabbi Hyim Shafner, and Nancy Berg, a professor of Hebrew language and literature.

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