SOM, with Kung Fu Panda, Wins Nanjing Waterfront Competition

(all images courtesy SOM/MIR Renderings)

Today, SOM announced it has been selected by Beijing-based MCCC Real Estate to redesign the Nanjing waterfront. The redevelopment will extend two-kilometers from the Yangtze River levee to the old city wall. The plan calls for renovating existing rail bridges and an old power station into new cultural and commercial spaces, preserving existing trees, and adding a hotel and other amenities along a renovated shipping canal. The plan also calls for remediating waterways for public access and recreation.

The district will cater to cyclists and pedestrians and, according to the renderings, it will also be cartoon-friendly. These exceptionally detailed renderings also include a surprise.

Each image includes an appearance by a member of the cast of Kung Fu Panda. Do pandas eat maple leaves?

Do cartoon raccoons carry rabies? 

Pandas love motorcycles.

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