A Peek Inside A Noise Within

Interior of theatre; with architectural detail over walkway to seats (Michael Gutstadt)

Longtime repertory company A Noise Within (ANW) will complete its move to Pasadena at the end of October. Formerly located inside an old Masonic Temple in Glendale, it now calls Edward Durell Stone’s midcentury modern Stuart Pharmaceutical Company home. The project was carried out by John Berry Architects, Robert J. Chattel, and DLR Group WWCOT. You might remember back in May when we showed you the project still under construction. ANW staffers have now started to move in and perform technical runs for their inaugural showing of Shakespeare’s The Twelfth Night.

The building’s exterior shows no visible additions, keeping its distinctive modular screen wall embellished with gold knobs. As promised, the rooftop addition sits stepped far back, unnoticed until you actually look for it. The entire scene remains stark white and concrete until you descending to the performance area on the lower story, which opens up to a luxuriously purple-hued, 300-seat, tiered theater. “It’s undoubtedly a beautiful artistic playground,” said Julia Rodriguez-Elliott, ANW co-founder and co-artistic director.

Despite a successful fundraising campaign the scrappy 20-year-old theater group is asking for contributions to help it polish off the edges. Among its need-a-contributions list? Dry wall, insulation, STC rated doors and fixutres. See the complete list of needs here.

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