Revealing The Airplane Of The Future

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus unveiled its conceptual designs for a futuristic, see-through plane last week in advance of the 2011 Paris Airshow, which began today. The “Concept Cabin” showcases what commercial air travel could look like in 2050, and is packed with interfacing technologies and design features to give passengers an ultra-personalized and otherworldly experience.

The cabin of the theoretical plane would be coated with an intelligent bipolymer wall membrane—supported via a lightweight bionic structure based on the bone structures of birds—  that could become transparent, providing passengers with panoramic views of the sky. It would be divided into three sections: a spa-like “vitalizing zone” for relaxation; an “interactive zone” with pop-up gaming projections; and a luxury business lounge or “smart tech zone” to stay connected. Other amenities would include self-cleaning materials, seats that morph to individual body shapes, hologram displays and gesture recognition controls. And look at all that leg room!

To develop their design concepts, Airbus surveyed over 10,000 people to ask what they want from the aviation industry in the future. While still just “engineers’ dreams,” according to Charles Champion, Head of Engineering at Airbus, the concepts “offer a glimpse of some of the very real possibilities that existing technology and talent can offer—with the right investment, support and co-operation”. For more information visit here.

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