Crunch Time for Morphosis Offices

Morphosis HQ construction site last Thursday.

We know Thom Mayne and Morphosis are moving. Now we know they’re moving REALLY soon. Their new headquarters, located just next to the new Expo Line tracks in Culver City, started construction last summer and are wrapping up this month. They need to move in by July 1, said Mayne, because the lease to their rented warehouse space next door is up. That should get things moving, despite some delays because of this year’s heavy rains.

The double-height building will soon be clad with perforated metal panels, plywood, and a network of trellises containing vines and other plants, said Salvador Hildalgo, one of the project managers/architects/jack-of-all-trades. Inside it will contain not only offices but a large gallery to show off the firm’s work, and Mayne’s own artwork. It will also contain large shop areas and a zone to show off in-progress mockups. Several skylights will keep the firm from having to turn on the lights during the day.  The firm moved out of its old Santa Monica offices, where it had been for about 20 years, last August. Mayne calls the building, which he says will be grid-neutral thanks to its efficient envelope and PV panels, a “neutral armature,” and “anti-formal.” Below see the progress of the building since it began construction.

August, 2010.

August, 2010

March, 2011

May, 2011

June, 2011

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