World Trade Update: Glass Rising

The western face of Snohetta's Memorial Museum Pavilion takes on a reflective layer.

It’s been a couple of weeks since we stopped by the WTC site. The most striking aspect from the street remains the speed with which glass surfaces begin to rise. It seems like only yesterday that three stories of glass wrapped around Tower One. Now with ten stories completed, the quartz-like surfaces start to take shape. At the Memorial Museum, Snohetta’s glass has flown up in what seems a matter of days. The facade already reflects the grove, whose trees continue their own march toward West Street.

Workers installing glass at the top of the Memorial Museum Pavilion.

Looking north from the lobby of the W Hotel, the Pavilion’s southern facade takes shape.

The two memorial pools; in the background Tower One at left and the Pavilion at right.

The Memorial Grove has inched closer to West Street.

For the first time, the glass of Tower One fills the entire picture frame.

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