Searching For A New Sign In Silver Lake

©Darren Kim

Long a haven for architects, artists, and other creative types, Silver Lake needs no introduction. It’s enough to drive by the iconic Sunset Junction sign to know you’re in the heart of LA’s bohemian world (although hipsters in Echo Park might argue). Come 2012, that sign might be getting some serious competition.

Early this month, LA City Council President Eric Garcetti, the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, and Silver Lake community groups announced the launch of “Envisioning Silver Lake,” a design competition meant to squeeze some neighborly love from the hearts and brains of local creatives.  The call covers concept designs for a plaza and a permanent installation on Sunset Junction, at the intersection of Sunset and Santa Monica Boulevards.

“The competition is looking to create a sense of place so that when Silver Lake residents, people who drive through, pass through, or come to the neighborhood see that installation, they’ll know ‘I’m in Silver Lake,’” said Julie Wong, Communications Director for Garcetti.

The competition will use $100,000 of the city’s $1.5 million budget set aside from the state’s Metro Call for Projects program for the reconstruction project. Submissions are due April 11, and the three finalists will be displayed here starting on April 25 for a vote. The winner will be announced in June. There are no monetary prizes, but hey, maybe a place in Silver Lake history (not to mention a good bit of notoriety) might be enough.

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