Vermont Town Seeks to Reconnect To Waterfront


(courtesy Battleboro Museum and Art Center)

Residents of Brattleboro, Vermont want a say in what happens to a strip of waterfront and they’re voting with… stickers.  Visitors to Renewing the Riverfront at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center can post a small round sticker next to their favorite proposals, which line the walls of the gallery. Just in case they don’t find one they like, there are plenty of blank note cards on hand where a resident can throw his or her own idea into the mix.

This bottom-up community planning effort comes courtesy of a workshop run by The Center for Creative Solutions at Marlboro College Graduate School that gathered together professionals from different disciplines to familiarize themselves with the area and the community before brainstorming potential plans. The group then mounted the interactive exhibit that has enabled townspeople to have a more active say in the visioning and planning process. Whether Brattleboro officials choose to carry out one (or more) of the proposals that are part of Renewing the Riverfront is still unknown.

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