Morphosis HQ Surprise

Morphosis' future home?

Our friends at Morphosis just moved into an interim location (as posted on their website) at 3440 Wesley Street in Culver City. The firm has been hesitant to give many details about their upcoming space, a former commercial building right next door that they say they are remodeling, merely stating that it will “be sustainable” and “bring back the integration of the shop with the studio space.” But when we checked out the location we were surprised to find the approximately 13,000 square foot building razed except for the north and east walls. No one mentioned that they were constructing a new building! Of course, it could still be a ‘remodel’ because they didn’t completely destroy the building. The site has been cleared and whatever interior restraints had existed are now gone.  So who knows what really is going to pop up here?  It’s a key location next to the new Exposition Rail Line (going from downtown to Culver City), putting it in the heart of the pedestrian and commuter traffic that will follow after the rail line’s completion.  Our contact at Morphosis stated they are hoping to be complete with the space by the end of the year or early in 2011.

The Expo Line will pass right over the site.

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