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Photographs by Farshid Assassi

Edward Cella Art + Architecture
6018 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California
Tel: 323-525-0053
Designer: Landworth Debolske Associates

Edward Cella Art + Architecture is a welcome addition to LA’s Museum Row at 6018 Wilshire Boulevard, across from LACMA. Relocated from Santa Barbara, Cella recently moved into the storefront gallery designed by Lisa Landworth of Landworth Debolske Associates. It’s twice the size of his former space; the 2,000 square feet are broken up into three rooms, each with its own character. The front draws north light from the street, the middle has a skylight, and the small back room has low tungsten lighting for the display of drawings. “I was attracted by the clarity of Lisa’s design and the high quality of construction,” said Cella. To give it a distinctive signature, he commissioned a two-person workstation with built-in storage from Ball-Nogues Studio. They created a sculptured block of industrially cut laminated cardboard, drawing on their Rip Curl Canyon installation at Rice University and a temporary display of Frank Gehry’s jewelry for Tiffany’s. Cella is presenting a major exhibition of architects’ drawings through October 10.

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