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Santa Monica–based Moving Picture Company (MPC) creates incredible visual effects and animations for feature films, TV, and advertising (including such recent films as Angels & Demons, Night at The Museum 2, Watchmen, and Slumdog Millionaire).


The edgy company chose equally edgy LA architect Patrick Tighe to design their new 8,100-square-foot post-production facility, located in an office building in Santa Monica. The project (right) explores MPC’s expertise in color and light manipulation, combining undulating plaster walls (created in Maya, formed over a steel frame) along with abstract patterns (water-jet cut into aluminum panels) derived from computer-manipulated animations of the space. “We tried to tell a story with the architecture,” said Tighe.

The curving walls, hovering above the floors, are often embedded with colorful metallic LED light portals that change color via computer program. This sinuous spine weaves its way through the entire project, which includes editing facilities, conference rooms, and offices, while its soffit serves as an armature for electrical and cable systems.

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