L. Ron Hubbard Would Be Proud


Yesterday while brunching in Hollywood we happened upon the biggest sign we’ve ever seen. Of course this being LA, it belongs to none other than the Church of Scientology. On July 3 their big blue building at the corner of Franklin and L.Ron Hubbard Way (yes that’s the name of the street) was officially fitted with a brand new sign that’s 84 feet long, 16 feet tall, and weighs 5.2 tons. It’s about three times the size of the former, well-known sign on the site. What’s more the marker, which reads “SCIENTOLOGY” in big white letters,  is fitted with LED lights so the letters glow at night (unlike the famous Hollywood sign nearby, by the way). The sign, apparently, is part of a nationwide ad campaign to get the word out about the religion. That’s all we’re gonna say about that. Yep. We will not use this space to poke fun of Tom Cruise or John Travolta or anyone else. We swear.

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