Campgrounds? Try Campskies

Go pitch a tent. (Courtesy AR)

Go pitch a tent. (Courtesy AR)

From David Livingston to Edmund Hillary and Lawrence of Arabia, the Brits have always been ace at camping, so it only makes sense a firm ‘cross the pond would come up with a system to provide space for tents in cramped urban environments.

Going up!

Going up!

Explains The Architectural Review:

Import.export Architecture (IEA) have invented a ‘vertical growing landscape’ for city campers.

Urban camping is a three dimensional stacking of camping grounds. There is a minimum of three and a maximum of eight layers where campers can set up their tents. It is designed to be implemented in any number of cities, IEA explain ‘it adapts itself depending on the surroundings, but it is not a parasite.’

The structure is designed to offer travellers a new experience of staying overnight in a city. Rather than opting for youth hostels, cheap hotels or periferal camping sites IEA’s structure allows budget travellers to set up tents in the centre of a metropolis. The various layers are designed to provide urban vistas to the campers. All access routes are designed as part of the structural system.

IEA aimed to ‘create a place where adventurous city wanderers can stay overnight, meet other campers, find a safe shelter with basic designed practical facilities focusing extraordinary vistas of city exploration.’

With a name like Import.export, you’d think there might be some sort of humanitarian angle here, a la Architecture for Humanity, but apparently not. Still, when kids are paying a hundred bucks a month to camp out in Bushwick backyards, maybe we could use these crazy camping scaffolds, too.

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