America, Headed Down the Toilet

Yes, its coming out of the wall. (Photos by Scott Groller)

Yes, it's coming out of the wall. (Photos by Scott Groller)

Demand Management, a new show by L.A.-based artist Olga Koumoundouros opens at the REDCAT gallery in Los Angeles today. Curated by Clara Kim and Ryan Inouye, the show serves as a social commentary on class and the grossly unbalanced wealth distribution in America.

Dont forget to flush.

Don't forget to flush.

The work is an amalgamation of items representing basic daily human needs—such as a refrigerator, toilet and mattress—which the artist uses to create an architectural pie chart portraying the 1% of the U.S. population that holds 34% of its wealth. Set in a circular room, the sculpture is a dynamic work in which violence and beauty converge.

“Referencing cyclical movement, productivity, Möbius strips and tunnel forms, Koumoundouros explores concepts of standardization, industry and commerce in relation to human scale and expression, forcefully considering questions of mobility and power, participation and citizenship,” said the gallery.

The show will be on view until August 23rd.

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