Transit + Art = THE FUTURE

Jake Loniaks Deus Ex Machina

Jake Loniak's Deus Ex Machina

This week Pasadena’s Art Center College hosted its summit, Expanding the Vision of Sustainable Mobility. Lots of interesting ideas, some of them making us realize that despite our financial ruin, science fiction has already arrived (even if we can’t pay for it). These include Leik Myrabo’s laser-powered rocket ship (no, we’re not making that up), Neville Mars’ constantly-moving subway, his plan for “dynamic density,” and his floating city, and Paul Wilbur’s plug-in, ultra-aerodynamic Aptera car. One of the most interesting ideas, though, came from an Art Center student…

Jake Loniak’s Deus Ex Machina (pictured above), powered by high-energy-density batteries, is a vehicle that’s essentially an extension of the body, or a “wearable motorcycle.” Moving up to 75 mph, the three-wheeled, stand-up machine, supported with a column of “vertabrae”, is controlled through the movement of your muscles. Just be careful when you get mad in traffic and want to start flashing signs at people… Can we have one?

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