Pricking PIN-UP

Like its architecture/fashion/porn mix or not, PIN-UP doesn’t seem like a magazine that takes itself too seriously. Neither does AN, of course, but we do strive for accuracy (even if we sometimes miss!). So in that vein, we feel obliged to point out a small error on their part. In their Fall/Winter 08/09 issue, as a part of a tribute to the late critic Herbert Muschamp, PIN-UP ran “never-before-published” emails between then Guggenheim director Lisa Dennison and Muschamp, in which he proposed a series of new exhibitions for the museum. Sound familiar? Piranesi? Antinous? Any bells?

Dedicated AN readers may recall that edited versions of these very proposals were published in our issue #5 in 2008 [AN 05_03.19.2008, p. 22 (pdf)], eight months prior to PIN-UP. When confronted, editor Felix Burrichter wrote by email, “Caught! I remember reading about the Times memorial and Lisa’s speech in AN, but I must have overlooked the actual correspondence in edited form… so I guess it was not much of an exclusive, after all.”

No worries, Felix. We’ll stick to breaking news. You stick to topless centerfolds and architects in S&M gear.

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