Megastructures Reload

La Villa Spatiale by Yona Friedman & Eckhard Schulze-Fielitz

La Villa Spatiale by Yona Friedman & Eckhard Schulze-Fielitz

A derelict old German mint in Berlin has been taken over until November 2 by Megastructure Reloaded an exhibit of  1960’s visionary architecture drawings, models, and films. Descending into the mint’s basement/bunker Archigrammer Dennis Crompton has created an installation that includes Yona Friedman’s la Ville Spatiale, a film of the Archigram guys walking around The Centre Pompidou with Cedric Price, and a toy-like model of a Constant Nieuwenhuijs skyscraper. The dilapidated ground floor has series of interpretations of the themes by young megatsructuralists like New Yorkers Tobias Putrih and Katrin Sigurdardottir.

Putrihs version of ONECITY

Putrih's version of ONECITY

A weekend symposium with young architects and activist planners took place in an inflatable bubble by raumlabor_berlin who provided wonderful waffles with fresh figs and pomegranates.  Planners serving waffles in their own inflatable, transportable bubble. Something funny is happening in Berlin.

Sigurdardottis Piled Up Landscapes

Sigurdardottir's Piled Up Landscapes

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