Eavesdrop: Anne Guiney


Money is on everybody’s mind, but we just had a dizzying experience that provided some consolation regarding how little of it we have. The launch party for this year’s Open House New York was held at the penthouse of Enrique Norten’s almost-complete One York, right at the edge of the scenic Holland Tunnel. We went to go take in the views on the glassy 14th-floor terrace when we were struck with a bout of vertigo so strong we were rendered speechless. We put on our best grimace-grin, gripped the wall, and tried a little liquid courage of the merlot variety, but to no avail. We think we saw MoMA’s Barry Bergdoll making the rounds, and Norten himself was apparently moving in that same day, but it could have been the googly eyes. For the sake of the future inhabitants, we hope the apartment’s $37 million asking price includes a lifetime supply of Dramamine. 


Well, at least a really swirly tie: Congratulations to Gia Wolff and John Hartmann, who got married on a recent sunny Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn. Wolff, who works at David Adjaye’s New York office, and Hartmann, a partner in the Dumbo firm Freecell, were cheered on by family, friends, and colleagues including Vito Acconci, the groom’s partner Lauren Crahan, the bride’s uncle David Wolff (a London architect working on Madonna’s house there), artist Allan Wexler, designer Jonathan Jackson, and Giuseppe Lignano and Ada Tolla of LOT-EK. Other than a very elegant and spare huppah, the only giveaway that these nuptials were heavy on the architecture were the home-made centerpieces featuring a spinning globe of chrysanthemums lit by an LED mesh. There was some puzzlement as to what, exactly, they were: hidden video cameras that would take movies in the round? Mobile breathalyzers? They were just decorative, however, which suits us fine: At the end of the evening, we made off with three of them. 

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