Looking for Work?

Will design for food. <i>Courtesy the National Archive</i>

Will design for food. Courtesy the National Archive

As you already know, things aren’t going so well for architects right now, economically speaking. We got word earlier today that a certain three-letter firm laid off more than 100 employees in recent weeks, and smaller firms have been shedding staff as well. But there is hope yet. Should you be fired, that is.

Consulting for Architects, a former CAD reseller that now does architecture, construction, and design recruitment, announced today that the firm has hired two new recruiters to, as a press release put it, “keep up with an increase of unemployed architecture and interior design professionals.” The move brings the firm’s staff of recruiters at the New York-based company to five.

Putting a positive spin on the economic hardship facing the industry, Emily Schepp, one of the new hires, pointed out that while there may not be long-term work out there, the projects that remain must still get built. “While many firms are reluctant to hire on a permanent basis,” Schepp said, “many still have openings on a project basis.”

Time to break out those resumes.

Update: A representative for said three-letter firm told AN that no such layoffs have been made. Still, given CFA’s uptick in applications in recent months, the recruiters said it is hard to deny the economic turmoil that has beset the industry.

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